At Studio Akamá we consider sustainability as a fundamental element of our responsibility as architectural designers in today’s society. It is our aspiration to achieve the highest level of sustainability within all the phases of the design and construction process.

This starts off with the preliminary design, in which we respect and preserve the natural environment to a maximum, making this approach an integral part of the our sketching process for every new project. Reducing the impact of the building on the environment and therefore its footprint, is one of our core values.

This philosophy is then equally carried out during the concept design and specification phase of each project, where we constantly search for new as well as traditional and often forgotten materials, technologies and construction techniques. Hence, our design strives to be as carbon neutral as possible and aims to apply a high degree of organic and eco friendly materials, which subsequently also create a much healthier indoor climate and living comfort.

The result is that we draw upon past wisdoms as well as state-of-the-art building science in order to eventually create a building that is in harmony with its natural surroundings, conserves natural resources and maximises the efficiency of their usage at the same time. Therefore, we believe that our architecture does not only stand out from an aesthetical but also from an ecological and ethical point of view.